Sunday, October 28, 2012

Panda Literacy and Math

The Panda Literacy Unit contains many chart pieces, activities, graphic organizers, student writing response sheets and teaching materials. There are also many center activities with recording sheets. The book Little Panda by Joanne Ryder is perfect to read with the activities in this unit. Click here if you are interested in this Literacy Unit.

And I also have the coordinating mathematics centers, too. Click here if you are interested in the math centers.

Up next...Ducks!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sorting and Comparing Numbers-Freebie

I wrote these lesson plans to help pace this unit, so I consider this a "rough draft." I compiled all the lessons I could find from blogs and websites and mixed them in with ideas I have used over the years. I hope that it might be helpful and you are able to change, modify or improve the lessons. You can grab a copy here.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gardening Literacy Unit and Math Centers

This unit is perfect to teach before Thanksgiving. I usually teach about Nutrition and then about the First Thanksgiving (planting and the feast). For this unit, I focused on types of gardens, vegetables and flowers (products of gardens). I did not include any materials or lesson plans about plant needs or parts with this unit. A book to read during this unit is Whose Garden Is It? by Mary Ann Hoberman. It really is the perfect book to review how plants and animals can live together and help each other. There are many ideas and materials to use with Informational Texts about Gardens and I have included the Common Core Standards for the activities.
Click here if you are interested in this unit. 
I also have the coordinating Mathematics Centers. 
Check back for my next project-Panda Bears!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sorting by Attributes

It was a busy week in our classroom-the fire truck came to visit and we went on a field trip. Next week will be just as busy with Red Ribbon week, 50's day and a Family Picnic Day! 
In Math, we began our Classifying and Comparing Unit by focusing on 
Common Core Standard K.MD.3.
Here is a process chart my mom made for both of us:
We began the unit by discussing things that are the same and things that are different and what makes them the same and different. The next day, the students got a paper bag with 2 items in it and they had to draw the items in their math journals and write (then share) how they were the same or different using the attributes listed on the chart.
Then we studied an attribute a day. Here is an example of sorting by color. After I modeled how to sort the cubes and record them, we sorted cubes together (in a circle, each student got a cube) and recorded, then they got their own bag of cubes and sorted them. They drew circles to match the color of their cubes and wrote how many in the circle in their journal.
Today we sorted shapes and recorded the answers the same way, except they drew the shapes and recorded how many in the shapes. 

Here are Mom's Hallway displays. This one is for the story, The Biggest Pumpkin Ever. After she read the story, she asked the students what they would do to grow the biggest pumpkin.

 Pumpkin Glyphs

Here are some activities from my Grassland Baby Animals Unit which can be found here.

 Books to Read

Comparing and Contrasting Elephants and Giraffes

Comparing and Contrasting Ocean and Grassland Animals
Matching Baby Animals with their Mommies

Unscramble the Popcorn Word Literacy Center

Write the Letter for the Beginning Sound Literacy Center

The coordinating Animal Babies Mathematics Centers can be found here.
 Missing Numbers

Which number is greater or less?

I will be back this weekend with a Gardening Literacy Unit and Gardening Mathematics Centers!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Partner Game Score Sheets-Freebie!

I designed these game score sheets to use with partner games. We will use them during our Mathematics Unit about comparing sets and numbers. The students will be playing "games" using dice, spinners, and cards to compare numbers. I thought using a score sheet would make the students more accountable and focused. You can grab your FREE copy of the score sheets here!
Keeping score with Ten Frames
Keeping score with Tally Marks

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Armadillos and a Field Trip Freebie

I wanted to show you some of the things I included in my Armadillos Unit. Click here if you are interested in the Literacy Unit.  I also have a coordinating Math Centers Packet. Click here if you are interested in the Math Centers.
Here are some great books to read for Armadillos and Animal Homes.

Here are some ideas for charts :
 Sorting animals and their homes.

 Tree Map about Armadillos

Story Map

 Bubble map about armadillos.

Venn Diagram comparing armadillos and tortoise

Some armadillo literacy centers:

And some armadillo math centers:

Here are some charts we will do this week (and continue to add things for the unit) for Math about sorting. I have planned my lessons for the 5 week unit and hope to have them ready to share tomorrow!

And a freebie for you! A Field Trip Prediction Circle Map!  I will be showing some ideas from my Animal Babies Unit later this week, so check back.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hibernation Literacy Unit amd Math Centers

I created this literacy unit to use with any literature books or informational texts about animals getting ready for winter or hibernation. The book, A Bed for the Winter by Karen Wallace, would be perfect to use with some of the activities. Click here if you are interested in this unit.

Up Next-a unit about Gardening and Plants!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Clap your hands, stomp your feet and get ready for the hoedown! I am so excited to teach syllables.  I have been on a "syllable search" for a couple of days and here are 
some things I have found-for free!
When I returned to teaching after an extended 6 year maternity leave, my dear friend said-"you better get to printing all those FCRR games." And so I did-yep, all of them, and now 5 years later I am down to just one box top (I have piles of to-do's):
Here is one that I have planned to use during for small group time next week. I like to use them as teaching materials for small groups instead of centers.

Click here for your FREE syllable word lists. You can use these as time fillers, for a quick review or parent helpers/intervention. I will make more lists soon!

Here are some additional syllable cards that I found on my search:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Multiple Meaning Words

I created these picture cards for my students to use in a pocket chart. I put some of the sets (28 sets in the packet) in the pocket chart, then read the word card. The student would match the correct cards in the pocket chart and I would add the word card. I also plan to re-use them during small group. I will show the students 3 cards (2 that match and 1 that does not) and ask them to match the words that mean the same thing. 
I am offering these cards for sale at TpT ($3). For those of you purchasing my Literacy Units, I will continue to add the remaining cards into your packets.

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