Friday, September 21, 2012

Random Ideas

Teaching alphabet letters is one of my favorite things to teach! I made these big books many, many years ago. The stories came from this book:
And there are two other books in this set. The stories are very small and we spent a lot of time at Kinko's (now Fed Ex) enlarging them to big book size. Mom typed the story and this is what each book looks like:
But when we read it, we bend the page back like this and only show the picture, but we can still read the text. Mom also wrote comprehension questions (recall and higher order) and they are on the very last page.

Mom had a great idea of how to pass out her response cards, she put them in her pocket chart and the students could get one before they sat down on the rug, instead of having to pass them out.
I came into school this morning and saw this:
I was so happy! Mom had taped the extra cord on the headphones and now they look so much neater. She used blue painter's tape  (because that is all we had) but it would look even better with black electrical or clear tape. I plan to do this with my computer headphone cords, too!

Here is my Pet Show Display!

I hope you have a great weekend! I will be working on the packet for Animal Babies in Grasslands!


  1. I like th idea of taping the cords it looks neat and ready to use them.

  2. You'll laugh that I have that same book and spent time shrinking the pictures to make smaller puppets and so the kids could sequence the story pictures onto sentence strips at a center for retell. I always projected the pictures on the overhead but I like your big book. :)

    1. That is too funny! I am so glad that I still have these stories. Even though they are old-my students still enjoy them!


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