Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Apple Day

Kinda sad it is over....We started the day going through the "car wash" apple banner.
Then we got our costumes ready-an apple headband (I had no gray paper to make the pot) and an apple sequencing belt!
Then we did an apple craftivity.
We used apples to make a class floor graph for apple colors and stem/no stem. Then we completed the Apple Day Fun sheet and drew our apple, answered questions about the apple, and measured the apple using cubes.
To end the day, we had an apple tasting party and graphed our favorite way to eat an apple.
 It was so fun!


  1. I'm going to have an apple tasting party on Friday! Yum!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. It will be so fun! Apple Jacks was our favorite apple food. Year after Year, it always is!

  3. I'm doing my apple day tomorrow with my kids. I've always let them taste different types of apples (red, yellow, green) but I love the idea of tasting different ways to eat an apple. I'm pinning you so I can remember for next year...I'm too tired to run to the store now : )

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars


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