Monday, September 3, 2012

2 Craftivity Ideas and Freebies!

Here are two great Craftivities with links to all the parts! First all a great big thanks to Peace, Love, Learning for this craftivity. I emailed to ask her if I could link her super cute Miss Bindergarten for a writing activity and not only did she say yes, but she sent me the exact page that I needed(after I have already made mine) so I could share it with you. Here is the link to a class book cover AND the writing page I was trying very hard to make from I am using this with the story, Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten. This is what it looks like:
 Here is the sheet I made before she emailed me. Her sheet is so much cuter!
Thank you, Donna, so much for your generosity!

Next Craftivity-Pattern Block Pets!
I am using this with the story, Julius.
 First of all you need some pattern block cut-outs. I found these here. I just printed them on construction paper.
There are several mats, I just chose the pets (for now!)
Each student will get an animal (or this could be a partner activity) and will glue the pattern block cut-outs to cover the spaces.
You may be able to use your patten block die cuts to cut out the pattern block shapes. Just check and make sure they are the correct size, or you could enlarge the mats when you copy them.
Have fun!

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