Monday, August 13, 2012

Response Cards-Freebie

Response cards are great to use for a quick "check for understanding" during your lesson. I like to use these and you can click here for a free copy of them.
I use the check marks for yes/no responses, the vowel card with a clothespin for choosing the vowel of words I say, and the green-yellow-red cards I use with charts as you can see below. I color code the sections of the chart so they can respond using the cards.

Here are some of the charts I use. I made "generic" charts to use at any time with any book or theme. I make headings to put in the empty sections for that particular story. I can make them "fancy" by creating them on the computer and printing them or just use a vis-a-vis pen and write the book title, etc. in the empty headings.
I use this one for  deciding which events happened in the beginning. middle,  or end. I also use it for "has, needs, can" type categories. See below how I color code the sections so students can respond using the cards.
I put the colors in the sections and the students show me what category that the information belongs by showing me that color with their cards. (if the event from the story happened at the beginning, they would show me the green card)
KWL Chart- just put a picture or write the topic in the green heading.
This is how I would use response cards with a Venn Diagram.

Here are some of Mom's ideas. She is using a sheet of fun foam to help students with the mouse, instead of a small mouse pad.
If you classroom is hidden in a hallway, make a banner using a yardstick so your students can find your classroom.

I almost have K Reading Street Unit 1, Week 2 done. And I am beginning Week 3. I will be posting Week 2 on TpT and here tomorrow!


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