Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Common Core Freebie

Here is an idea from my very dear friend who is a wonderful teacher and was our County and Regional Teacher of the Year! We were discussing Common Core, specifically the Mathematics Standards. She had a brilliant idea for how to organize her ideas for each of the standards. She has made a file for each of the domains and is adding ideas to the folders when she finds them! I was very surprised when she told me that she was using folders, because I know how much she loves binders! So, I decided to make some cute dividers and do a binder. I just know with all the good ideas I am going to find from Pinterest and Blogs that I will probably need a binder for each domain, but I will start with one binder for them all. Click here to get your free copy!  I just printed mine and put them in sheet protectors!
Here are just a few of the ideas from The Little School Bus Packet.
 In this activity, the students will graph their names above the picture of how they get to school. The pieces for this graph are included in the packet.
Picture cards to retell the story!
Literacy Center-I recommend doing this activity as a whole group using the pocket chart to match the cards. Then use the document camera to show the students how to complete the recording sheet.


  1. Thank you so much for the binder cover & dividers. This is just what I needed for the common core work I've been doing this summer.

  2. I love your binder freebie:) Thanks for the work. It has helped me organize myself that was getting a little overwhelming with all the printouts and assessments I have. Have you thought of doing the same binder format for the ELA CCSS? It would be a great organizing tool also!


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