Sunday, July 22, 2012

Color Code the Word Wall

Ever have students ask you how to spell word wall words, and you want them to refer to the word wall in an easy way? Here is a solution! My daughters' first grade teacher writes numbers beside her words and then when a student asks how to spell word they may not be able to read yet, she can say "Look under letter A, number 4." Great idea, right (she is super smart). Well, I decided with my kinders that I would color code my word wall, because, honestly some of them would write the number, too. So under each letter, I will have the words on cards with different color borders. Then when they ask to spell a word I can say "Look under M, it is the red word card." Mom is doing the popcorn word wall with the words typed on different colors of popcorn. I made a Word Wall Card Packet and I am selling on on TPT. It has popcorn and star word themes and lots of cards in various sizes and colors (brights and primary). It coordinates with the Alphabet Letter and Number sets. It is an editable document so you would type the words that you need in the colors that you want. Then you could add the words that come up throughout the year that they need (we always need the words "pretty" and "fun".)

Two other ideas! I know that we are supposed to put the words up as we teach them, but I think I will fill the word wall starting Day One. Why? Because they need those words to write and the repetition will help them to learn to read them.  I don't need to wait until the very last week of school to finally post the word "where." And secondly, if they are color-coded, that is one way we can read the words everyday. For example, we could read all the red words, or all the blue words! I am thinking more and more about just putting all our kindergarten words up from the start. What do you do?


  1. i like handwriting my words on sentence strip, so they can see how it looks on the paper they write on, so I can just use different colors or put a colored sticker on them; tis is a great tip, especially for my students with disabilities - thanks for sharing this great idea!

    ~ Kimberlee ~

    Two Fulbright Hugs

  2. I love your ideas. Thanks for sharing! This is very helpful.


  3. What a great way to think of word walls! If all the words were already up there I think it would really help...they might even learn the words sooner....

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