Friday, July 27, 2012

Adding Space to a Table

Last year, I needed more space for my listening center. It was cluttered with a boom box, earphones and center baskets. So I used 2 thin drawer organizers and a cookie sheet to make a "side table". The cookie sheet is just flipped over and I used Velcro to secure it. I place center baskets on top of the organizers. This would work great for a writing center because it would provide more work space.

I am making progress....


  1. Jennifer,
    That is such a good idea!! Your class is coming along so nicely. Just found out we can't get back in until next Thurs. I was hoping to be able to go on Mon. but that will give me more time to finish up the things that I can do at home.
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

    1. Oh thank you! I like to do most of my work at home-it is hard on me with childcare for the girls. I can't wait to see your pictures!

  2. Great idea, especially the cookie sheet!
    Mrs. Cobb's Kinder Sprouts
    Come enter my poster giveaway!

  3. What a smart idea Jennifer!! I love this!

  4. love the sudent work board!!! colorful - do you typically have that many students??!! WOW!

    ~ Kimberlee ~

    Two Fulbright Hugs

    1. Well, we average 20-22 students. But, for the past 3 years, we have started with 26-28 and added a teacher. I post center work there and some student's will have two posted.


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