Saturday, June 9, 2012

Student Folders

In the past, I have tried many different ways to send papers/homework home (folders, binders) and decided that the system I have now is the easiest for me. Each student has a folder and a Study Buddy (spiral bound agenda). The plastic folder is used to send home student work (daily) that had been graded and important forms that need to be signed. The Study Buddy has the newsletter stapled inside. The students give these to me every morning and I check both for notes, etc. Then I place them inside a stacking tray with their name on it (this is how I file their work, just put it in their tray and then place the work in the folder at the end of the day). The stacking trays are stacked five high and nestled inside a bookcase. My book case is wide enough to hold two stacks of five beside each other on each shelf.
This is what the folder looks like just click here and here and here for the labels. They are on 2 inch X 4 inch labels.

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