Sunday, June 3, 2012

Schedule and Newsletter

Here is a copy of my 2011-2012 schedule. The schedule during the first half of the year includes a rest time for 20 minutes at the end of the day and I shorten Writing and Science/Social Studies. The students put their heads down on the table and are quiet while the teacher uses the time to test for report cards, DIBELS, or provide intervention. After Winter Break, the expectation is that our kindergarteners no longer rest. So, I use Fridays during small group to assess.
Here is a copy of my newsletter. It is copied and stapled inside the student's Study Buddy. This is a spiral bound agenda then the other grades write homework assignments and daily behavior.  My kindergarteners do not write in the Study Buddy, instead I just staple this inside. I leave room for teacher/parent comments.
I do fancy them both up with clip art, but took it off so I could post them for you.

I enjoy seeing other teacher's schedules, leave me a message with a link if your schedule is posted somewhere!

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