Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Center Materials/Art Projects:
I store center materials/games in manila envelopes with a hard copy of the recording sheet and game pieces. I separate them by nine weeks and place them in plastic boxes. I use red for Language and yellow for Math. I keep the boxes at home and switch the boxes out when one nine weeks ends and the new one begins. I also keep the teaching materials (picture cards, posters, etc) for the phonics skills and reading stories in an envelope in these boxes.
My listening centers are also in these same boxes and I put all copies of the book and the CD in a large plastic baggie so I am able to see the book.

Reading and Math Teaching Materials:
I keep all the FCRR games in large manila envelopes and file them in a drawer in one of my filing cabinets at school. The tall filing cabinet has hanging files for the copies of the reading books I use during small group. I needed some kind of organization for all the materials I use during small group reading/math groups, so I bought these 3 drawer towers and put all my "stuff" inside and labeled them. If I had to go inside my closet and find this stuff it would be very hard for me to get the energy to use it. But because it is located on the counter right behind my teaching table, I am more likely to add a variety of activities. I have also added crates with hanging files to keep all the copies of my bingo gameboards, all the intervention letter strips and materials from Julie Lee's TpT packets and rapid read materials (basically anything flat).

I have made and purchased many big books and was keeping them at home and taking them each week. I made room in my closet cabinet at school and put two wire shoe racks one behind the other which made 4 shelves wide enough for the big books. I them separated all the books by nine weeks and put them on the "shelves."
The regular size books I have separated by nine weeks and put them in the red cubbies above the student coat racks. I am making curtains for these cubbies because my class this year would pull the books to read and not put them back in the same spot. They will have their very own reading center with lots of books for them to read next year. The books in the cubbies are my "teaching" books.

I keep most of my teaching materials at home and only keep what I need at school. I have two tall filing cabinets at home where I keep all my files. The worksheets that I actually use I keep in binders by nine weeks. I just slip the chuck of papers that I will use that week inside a plastic sleeve and I label it by phonics skill in the corner of the plastic sleeve. I also have a binder for math worksheets that I "chunk" by math skill.

Happy Organizing! What system works for you?


  1. Wow! I love seeing how other people organize things. It helps me. I love how you organize your centers.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

    1. Thank you! I love your blog by the way!

  2. I love the binder organization! I still have my phonic binders that you gave to me and hope to one day make math binders.


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