Monday, June 18, 2012

Linking Up-Book Organization

I am linking up with Growing Kinders to show how I organize the books I use for instruction.
I have always used the cubbies above the coat hooks for my book collection. I organize the books into nine weeks by theme and subjects (phonics and math skills).
  I have made curtains in my new theme/color scheme to hide the clutter. My students have books in the reading center/classroom library, so these books are just for me to use!



  1. I have cubbies just like those above my coat hooks! I use them to store rest towels and a change of clothes. I have tubs that fit into each one!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Growing Kinders

  2. I often feel bad about using the cubbies for my stuff, but I have mailboxes for their papers and they keep a change of clothes in their backpacks. We don't really rest anymore, so we have no towels. These cubbies are great for storing anything!
    Thanks for the invite!


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