Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lesson Plan Templates

Our lesson plans are written weekly and are checked by our administrators every week. In the boxes for each lesson, we type the I can statement, describe the lesson (what I will do, read; what the students will do; what materials they will use), then we end the section with assessment (what we will do to check for understanding-teacher observation, response cards, dry erase boards, etc.)  I am attaching the template. I made this a long time ago and used Thistlegirl Designs clip art to decorate it.

Weekly Lesson Plan Template

My small group plans are on a separate lesson plan template. I have one for Reading and one for Mathematics. They are basically the same, but I am only attaching the reading. I changed the student names at the bottom. I type what I am doing for each small group - no standards or assessments.

Small Group Plans Template

This is what I use for the reading books my students read during small group. This is adapted from Jessica Meacham's website. I type in all the information- higher order questions, vocabulary, etc. and then copy using cardstock. I put it in a plastic sleeve and then file it with the books. When it is time to use that book, I take this lesson plan and put it in the small group binder with the lesson plans. It saves me from having to type so much out. I can just type "use the detailed plans for the story".

Guided Reading Template

I was thinking about re-designing my lesson plans to daily plans, like Mrs. Jump's plans that she has posted. I am worried that it may require even more time than it already does and really I rarely look at my plans to teach anyway. What do your plans look like?


  1. I do my lesson plans just like Deanna's! I can email you the format if you'd like! =)


  2. I was able to find yours on your blog. I love them! Is it easy to fill in all the different pages? I think I can make one similar to yours, but if you want to send it, feel free too (district email would be fine)! Thank you for sharing.


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